We’re a non-profit organization born out of a life-changing mission trip to Managua, Nicaragua.


Every year, more people die from the lack of water and unsafe sanitation than war and all forms of violence, and children are especially vulnerable. Our Mission from the beginning was to be part of helping ease this burden by improving water conditions, providing supplies, and helping educate the people of Managua.

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Our current initiative focuses on a school we personally visited while on our trip, the Eden Center School in Managua. We met our first goal, which was to provide them with the means for construction and implementation of a water purification system, so now we will use all additional funds for classrooms, a school library, furnishings, and supplies for the school.

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Your generous donation will be used to pay for the direct costs associated with supplying water, infrastructure, and equipment to Managua and school facilities. So far, we’ve distributed almost $70,000 worth of building supplies, infrastructure, school supplies, and books.

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