History of Agua Members

Starting out our senior year of high school, with college in our near future, we were faced with the question of what would happen to our cause when we all went our separate ways after graduation. We agreed that the needs of Nicaragua were still great and we wanted our organization to continue even past our time within the West Lake Hills community. Fortunately, during the mission trip in the summer of 2013, three girls stood out to us and expressed their interest in joining our work. After prayerful consideration, we extended invitations to juniors Julia Bybee, Mallory Harkins, and Anna Weldin to work alongside us and eventually take over the daily operations of Agua for Managua. Since joining us the summer of 2013, these three girls have proved to be great additions to our team and have taught future generations of Agua members. There have now been 17 different high school members that have participated in our family mission trip including, Amanda Brigham, Conner Brigham, Mary Anne Brigham, Cade Bradshaw, Will Turlington, Amanda Ernst, Chase Ernst, Jordan Terrell, Rachel Clay, Elois Caswell, Stephan Rioux, Carolyn Cooper, Wes Mizell, Kinga Parrish, Hope Noteboom, Anna Thomsen, and Claire Hauf. This doesn't include the many other families that have joined us on our mission trip.