What We Do


1st project: The Eden Center

Status: Completed

Agua for Managua founders giving the Eden Center a $25,000 check for the first project, largely funded from members of their own church, t-shirt sales and bake sales.

Agua for Managua founders giving the Eden Center a $25,000 check for the first project, largely funded from members of their own church, t-shirt sales and bake sales.

Our first project started with the Eden Center, a community church and school located in Managua where we first visited and fell in love with the children of the school and the community it served. They were in need of a water purification system and we were quickly able to raise the funds necessary. Upon reaching this first goal, we decided to take on a larger project of $25,000. Again, the response was overwhelming and the project fully funded in about 6 months, thanks to donations (largely from our own church community), t-shirt sales, and bake sales. This money went towards two new classrooms, a library, a playground, new and cleaner bathrooms, and furnishings, which are all in use today.


2nd Project: El Salero Pool

Status: Completed

Our next project was to build a pool for the El Salero Sports Center. Once again, this was a center where we personally volunteered and met the community it serves. On our return visit in the summer of 2013, we learned they had long dreamed of a pool for educational uses, so we decided to take on the challenge. We applied for and were awarded a matching grant that covered half the cost of the project. One short month later, thanks to an anonymous donor, we had the $16,400 needed to match the grant and as of January 2014, the pool is under construction and is expected to be completed within the year. El Salero will use the pool to teach water safety to a community of children whose country is affected by floods during the rainy seasons.


3rd Project: Wall at The Eden Center

Status: Completed 

At The Eden Center, there is barbed wire that is used for fencing. This barbed wire doesn't serve well as fencing and is a safety hazard to the children. Seeing this problem, we decided to raise funds for a wall to be constructed to take the place of this barbed wire. A generous donor has supplied us with the rest of the money that was needed to start construction on the wall. The construction of the wall is now completed. 



4th Project: The Eden Center Dorms

Status: Completed

The Eden Center currently caters to younger, elementary aged children. The Eden Center wanted to change this because they aspired to expand to more children. But in doing so they needed to aid to the kids who didn't live in a walking distance from the school. In order to make this possible, dorms are necessary for them to stay in. We are so excited about this project because it helped Eden Center grow and educate the kids in Nicaragua! 



5th Project: Jonah's Vine Project at the Eden Center

Status: Completed

On average, the temperature in Nicaragua is over 100 degrees Fahrenheit year round. At the Eden Center their sport court is in direct sunlight which can cause over heating and exhaustion. We decided to build a cover for the sport court to allow them to have a better environment for physical education activities, Sunday School ceremonies, and free time.




6th Project: Eden Center Library

Status: In Progress

One of Eden Center's wishes has been to have a fully equipped library available to their students. We decided to take on this request and provide them with the funds to build a library with books, chairs, desks, shelving, and properly sealed windows. In Nicaragua it is very common to have vented windows due to the year round heat. But, in order to maintain the condition of the books and prevent dust we have decided that it would be crucial to have windows in the library. The base of the library is completed but we are currently raising funds to furnish the library. In order to complete the library we need to raise funds for the following items.

10  desktop computers $ 4,000

4 sealing pens $ 400

Reference Books $ 10,000